The Lancelot-Grail Reader: Selections from the Medieval French Arthurian Cycle

  • Edited by Norris J. Lacy
  • with translations by Carol J. Chase, Rupert T. Pickens, Samuel N. Rosenberg, Carleton W. Carroll, Roberta L. Krueger, William W. Kibler, E. Jane Burns, Norris J. Lacy, and Martha Asher
  • (Series: Garland Reference Library of the Humanities, 1770)
  • New York and London: Garland [now Routledge], 2000
  • xviii + 430 pages
  • Hardcover: ISBN-10 1138135623
  • Hardcover: ISBN-13 978-1138135628
  • Paperback: ISBN-10 0-8153-3419-2
  • Paperback: ISBN-13 978-0815334194

From the back cover

“The Lancelot-Grail Reader showcases in a single volume significant episodes from Garland’s complete five-volume translation of the Vulgate and Post-Vulgate Cycles of Arthurian romance. [See material on the present website about this Lancelot-Grail translation—published in a 5-volume hardcover edition in 1992-1996, and in a 10-volume paperback edition in 2010.]

“Dating from the early 13th century, the Vulgate Cycle relates the entire course of Arthurian legend, from the early history of the Grail to Arthur’s death. The five component romances, written by an anonymous author or group of authors, are the Estoire del Saint Graal, the Estoire de Merlin, the huge Lancelot propre, the Queste del Saint Graal, and the tragic conclusion, the Mort Artu.

Other Lancelot-Grail volumes

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