French Secular Compositions of the 14th Century: Vol. II, Anonymous Ballades

  • Edited by Willi Apel
  • Edition of the Literary Texts by Samuel N. Rosenberg
  • (Series: Corpus Mensurabilis Musicae, 53 [3 volumes])
  • Dallas and Rome: American Institute of Musicology, 1971
  • xxxiii + 104 pages
  • Paperback: ISBN-10 1595511474 (for 3-volume set)
  • Paperback: ISBN-13 978-1595511478 (for 3-volume set)

The three volumes of Willi Apel’s major work contain the entire repertory of 14th-century French secular polyphony, with only two exceptions: the works of Machaut and the compositions in the codex Torino. Vol. II contains 61 anonymous ballades.


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    [The website of the American Institute of Musicology provides a listing of the compositions in this volume: ]
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