Harper’s Grammar of French

  • Samuel N. Rosenberg, Mona Tobin Houston, Richard A. Carr, John K. Hyde, Marvin Dale Moody, and Edward W. Najam
  • New York: Harper and Row [later Heinle Cengage], 1983
  • x + 373 pages
  • Hardcover: 0-8384-3746-X

From the Preface

“This book arose out of a lack we perceived in teaching our third-year undergraduate course in advanced grammar and composition. We needed a work that would combine the detail of a comprehensive reference grammar with readings and exercises developing proficiency in the written language. After several versions, in both French and English, all tested in the classroom, the book has emerged not only as a text but also as a reference work whose usefulness goes well beyond the confines of any particular course. English, speaking directly to a public of Anglophones, has proved to be the appropriate and reasonable vehicle of presentation.”

Harper’s Grammar of French, in fact, is not so much a textbook as it is a first-rate, eminently usable reference grammar which students (and teachers as well) will consult with pleasure and with profit. It could rightly be viewed as the Grevisse of American French grammars.”

Jeffrey T. Chamberlain (George Mason University) in The French Review 57. 6 (May 1984), 923-924

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