Readings and Lessons to Accompany Harper’s Grammar of French

  • Samuel N. Rosenberg, Mona Tobin Houston, Richard A. Carr, Marvin Dale Moody, and Edward W. Najam
  • New York: Harper and Row [later Heinle Cengage], 1983
  • vii + 160 pages
  • Paperback: ISBN 0-06-045583-7

“The accompanying Readings and Lessons is a perforated manual which consists of ten reading passages, each followed by two lessons. The selections from Maurois, Marceau, Simenon, and Cesbron reflect the authors’ goal of presenting modern idiomatic French. Each excerpt is followed by exercises in vocabulary, grammatical analysis, and translation into French, including a thème based on the excerpt. The twenty lessons, which do not follow the sequence of the textbook but refer to the appropriate sections, typically include transformation, completion, and paraphrasing exercises, with a pronounced emphasis on translation from English into French.”

Jeffrey T. Chamberlain (George Mason University) in The French Review 57.6 (May 1984), 923-924

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