The Lyrics and Melodies of Gace Brulé

  • [Texts] edited by Samuel N. Rosenberg and Samuel Danon
  • Music edited by Hendrik van der Werf
  • (Series: Garland Library of Medieval Literature, Series A, 39)
  • New York: Garland [now Routledge], 1985
  • lviii + 423 pages
  • Hardcover: ISBN 0-8420-8782-8

The number of compositions attributable to the late-12th-century trouvère called Gace Brulé is higher than for any other such French writer of the time. To judge by the unusually numerous manuscript redactions in which many have survived, and the privileged place that they are granted there, his songs were well known and widely appreciated. Our critical edition (with English translations) covers the entire corpus ascribable to Gace, which is devoted above all to the chanson and its expression of “courtly love.”


  • Introduction
  • Select Bibliography
  • Texts and Translations
  • Textual Notes
  • About the Melodies
  • Melodies
  • Index of Proper Nouns
  • Index of Opening Lines
  • Raynaud-Spanke Concordance
  • Concordance with Mölk-Wolfzettel and Raynaud-Spanke
  • List of Melodies

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